Getting past my 15 mile barrier…

So my race is seven weeks away, it’s coming up crazy fast, and for the last four weeks I haven’t been able to run more than fifteen miles.  It was the weirdest thing I would be just fine at mile fourteen and then mile fifteen would hit and then I would just bonk and have nothing left I would literally feel like I couldn’t take another step.  It was really bringing me down, I was doing Whole 30 and I think that may have contributed to it, my body just really needs simple carbs to be able to run long.

(I am going to break out my old planner that I haven’t used for a while, as you can tell.)

I decided to switch some things up, I usually run with my camelbak and Honeystingers but the Honeystingers have been making my stomach cramp up a bit which would keep me from eating them throughout my run.  Now I am trying dried fruit like: apricots, yogurt covered raisins, mango slice, and dried cranberries.  I have been liking that a lot better.  The only down side is that I have to chew a lot longer which isn’t very pleasant but my stomach agrees more with the dried fruit that with the Gels or the chews so I will keep experimenting with that.

(This is by far my favorite flavor, and I love using them but my stomach is not agreeing)

This weekend I ran 18 miles and felt amazing, it was at a 11 minute mile pace which is slower than I have been doing but I just kept reminding myself that I just need to push past this 15 mile barrier and cover 18 miles no matter what pace I keep.  I also threw some hills into the run so that I can push past being tired and make it up the hills.  I think I would have averaged a 10 minute mile pace if it hadn’t of been for the four miles of up hill running, that really slowed me down and then I just kept a 10:40-10:50 minuted per mile pace for the rest of the run home.

I have also been having a lot of calf pain that I can’t seem to relieve I found a Groupon for my favorite yoga studio so I am going to buy a thirty day pass so that I can get back in the routine of deep stretching.

Happy Monday everyone!

What are some new thing’s that you are trying?
Anyone having a hard time with their long runs? What are you doing, or have done, to help with that?

4 thoughts on “Getting past my 15 mile barrier…

  1. I tried this new energy gel at the half I did last weekend (I know I know… \”nothing new on race day\”) but I really think it helped. The problem is I don't remember the name so I'm trying to contact the race directors to find out. If I do I'll let you know


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