Barre-Pilates and Bikram yoga

I have been really missing yoga lately, so I browsed around Groupon and found a great deal for a one-month unlimited yoga/barre class pass to Mountain Yoga they are located in Sandy, Utah.  I have been to two yoga classes, one was a Hot Vinyassa-flow, and the other was a Core 40 class- Wind Sequence, and one Barre class and I am planning to go to another Barre class tonight.  I have loved all of the classes I have taken so far my favorite though has been the Wind Sequence class, It was really relaxing and challenging at the same time and I left the studio feeling really relaxed.  The Barre class was also a favorite for me I would love to be able to keep doing both regularly.

This weeks workouts were hard to get in, but I was attempting to focus a little bit more stretching and strength training as my race approaches I haven’t had an injury yet but the last two weeks I have had the feeling that one was right around the corner.  My knee kept feeling funny when I would walk(like my knee cap was being pulled to the left or right) I’m thinking it’s due to a tight IT band so I am attempting to try and remedy that.
I bought one of these $64 dollar towels by accident the other day. I was running late to my first ever hot yoga class and I forgot that I needed a towel so they had some for sale at the studio so I just picked one up and didn’t look at the price, when I went to buy it she told me it was going to be $51 with the 20% discount.  I was stuck I could either pay for the late cancellation fee and miss out on an amazing class so I forked out the cash and bought an amazing hot yoga towel :)!
My weeks workouts:
  • Monday: Three miles easy running with a 60 minute Barre class
  • Tuesday: Rest, I was sooo sore from Barre, every muscle had been invited to that class.
  • Wednesday: Six miles on treadmill, with 75 min. of Hot Vinyassa yoga.
  • Thursday: Rest
  • Friday: Core 40 Hot yoga, wind sequence 90 min. class, It was an amazing class!
  • Saturday: Rest
  • Sunday: 20 miles, I didn’t know if this run was going to happen or not but I am very happy it did!
  • Total miles: 29, I was supposed to run 40 but my long run felt great so as long as I am progressing without injury!
What is your favorite group class?

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