Big Cottonwood Canyon

If you have read my previous post I talked about how I was able to run my twenty mile run down Big Cottonwood Canyon and be able to push past that barrier.  Big Cottonwood Canyon is my go to location for run’s where I feel like I am lacking in motivation or where I haven’t been able to push past a certain mileage.

(This is a picture from last week but I am no good at pulling out my phone when running :))
That’s why I chose to run in the Revel Big Cottonwood Canyon Marathon it is on September 12th this year and all of my friends that have ran this race in previous years has said it was a great quick race with beautiful views.  Living just five miles away from the canyon I have ran up and down this canyon many times.  This canyon as well as Mill Creek Canyon are by far my favorite places (so far) to run in Utah.  
(Picture from previous post)
I also run my fastest run’s down this canyon.  This day I just drove up the canyon five miles, and then from the mouth of the canyon to my house is another five miles so for me to be able to maintain a 8:30 minute mile down the canyon and then continue that for the last five mile’s on relatively flat terrain was really great for me:). I feel like all of my most successful runs happen while going down this canyon.  
This year will be first time officially running in this race and I am sooo excited.  Last year I volunteered with Alta view hospital to run the medical tent at mile 21, it was a tough stretch of road.  It was an out and back that starts right at the mouth of the canyon and right across from out aide station/ medical tent there was another aide station at mile sixteen which was one mile in to a six mile out at back, three miles to 18 and three miles back to marker 21 which is where I was.  It looked rough but I know that road and if you can push past that little bit the last four miles and some of my easiest miles of my run’s.  Typically I make it a point to have the last five miles of my run always be the ones from the mouth of the canyon to home, I know that if I am able to make it that far I will be able to make it to the end of the race.  This is by far the big event for me this year, I have really high hopes for this race!
In other news I will officially be starting nursing school May 11th, and classes start May 12th which is my birthday.  It was meant to be ;).  To be honest I am a little nervous to train for a marathon, work full time and go to nursing school, but if there are single parents out there who can raise kids by themselves and go to school, and work full time at the same time then I could certainly train for my second marathon of the year right?
*I did receive a discounted  race entry to write a post about the Big Cottonwood Canyon Marathon but all opinions are 100% my own.
Any tips on training while being really busy?

Do you have a favorite place to run that always seems to pull you out of your funk?

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