Knowing when to step back

So my tattoo is almost healed up, I think one more week and the redness will be gone.  It will need a few touch up’s but I am really happy with it!
So I was at Whole Foods and saw this cute coffee tumbler and remembered I am in need of a new tumbler so I bought it. I am too impulsive for my own good.  I also bought a thirty dollar book shelf to store my workout gear on in my office/workout space.
Just to clarify Austin was driving while I took this picture, nothing dangerous and/or reckless occurred to get this picture.  This is also from Big Cottonwood Canyon, I am not joking when I say that I love this canyon.  We know each other well.
In running news, I may be getting a small injury.  At first I thought it was the beginning of a shin splint but as I read more about how to heal up shin splints and I think it is more of a stress fracture, a very very minor one but according to shin splints are more of a burning all over sort of pain and are worse in the morning and stress fractures feel better in the morning and worse as you walk/run on them, also the pain from the stress fracture can be pin pointed where with a shin splint it can not be. 
My game plan for dealing with a minor injury so close to my marathon (Which is in 5 weeks!!) is to run by feel.  I noticed this pain last week when I was trying to accomplish my long run, it was originally going to be a 23 mile run and ended up being ten miles.  Which unfortunately made my weekly total ten miles.  I think not running during the week and increasing the amount of Yoga and Barre I did may have been the reason for the new pain.
This morning I successfully woke up at four in the morning and ran three miles at about a 9:50 min/mile pace and went by feel, I wore a compression sleeve during my run and I was surprised at how much my calf hurt during my run.  Usually my 5k pace is a bit faster but I thought it would be wise to slow it down a bit and stop every now and then to re-evaluate and see how my leg felt.  I think it is already healing because it was a good run and I was able to walk and run without discomfort.
I will also only be cross training on my three mile days, and on my official cross training days.  That way my body isn’t being over worked on any given day and I don’t neglect my running for yoga and barre.
Happy Monday!

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