My advice on tackling the long run

So I found this great idea on Pinterest to do a Printable Budget Binder, I know how to use Excel but for some reason having something printed out that I can write on helps my brain comprehend and follow through with things better.  These sheets are copyrighted by Thirty handmade days and she has a website you can go to to print off all these helpful sheets for budgeting and organizing.  I fell in love instantly!  It really is a great website.

I am also using PicMonkey to re-vamp a lot of my old blog post pictures, I am excited!  It’s really fun to play around with.

This is my lunch from yesterday, I have been buying rotisserie chicken from Smith’s and then I cut it up and ad cucumbers, bell peppers, and red onion’s to spinach and then dash some salt and pepper on top for a quick filling salad.  

I wanted to share with you some tips I use to be able to finish my long runs:

  1. Establish a support system: I think this is what get’s me through my long runs, having Austin there to drop me off and make sure that if there is anything I need or feel like I am overdoing it and may get injured I can call him.  Also we map out the route to my run and where I will be able to make stops to use the bathroom or refill my water.  It helps me mentally to know that he is there for me.
  2. Wear your favorite things: I have a lot of workout clothes but only a few items that are my absolute favorite.  During the warmer months I love my Livestrong shorts with built in spanx, mine are red.  Then I have a Nike tank top with a built in sports bra that has a key hole in the bra which is really nice when I am trail running, my Brooks Ghost 9’s, my Garmin Forerunner 15, a good running hat and depending on how far my Camelbak or Nathan Hydration system.
  3. Find a new route: This can be hard because we all have our favorite places to run, but sometimes new scenery or a different difficulty level makes the world of difference.
  4. Remember that it is for fun: I am terrible at getting caught up in the numbers and goal setting aspect of running, almost so much so that it begins to feel like a chore.  When I get to this point I have to take a step back and slow it down a bit.  Running has been a huge stress relieving tool in my life, it helps me stay calm, focused and feeling happy and confident in myself and I would hate to have to loose that by loosing sight of why I actually run.
What are some things that help you get through your long run?

6 thoughts on “My advice on tackling the long run

  1. Wearing favorite gear is definitely something I do to help the long run. I also like to bring favorite flavors of GU/Shot Bloks and I break up the mileage in my head so I'm only focusing on the mile I'm in.


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