Starting a new challenge

So lately with all the marathon training I have been doing I have noticed that I am gradually loosing some muscle tone.  Not in my legs so much but it my upper body, and a little definition in my calves(calf’s?).  So I have decided to challenge myself to committing to at least three days a week of just strength training, I still want to do six days of cardio a week but on the days I am doing strength training I would like my cardio work to be done on the stairmaster or a bike ( or maybe even swimming?).  I am really bad and following through with these type of challenges because I love to run so much and I find that I crave that more than strength training.  My hopes are to eventually get to a spot in my life where I love both equally and find that I can find a healthy balance between marathon training and strength work.

I know I am not the only runner who struggles with getting in the right amount of strength work so if you have any suggestions I am all ear’s!

In other news Austin and I went fishing all day Saturday and when we got home we were starving so we used our gift card for Red Rock Brewery and I ordered a glass of Moscato.  It came in a fancy can with a pink bendy straw, I felt rather fancy, and these little things would be great to take camping!
We had to take out the divider in my Xterra, because Inca broke it, and I just cleaned the interior of my my car so we put the emergency crate in the back and threw the dogs in there.  Honey did not like it, four hours total of driving and this is what she did the entire time.
At first glance this photo looks really sweet, like we are all cuddling on the couch.  No this is me trying to find a place to sit on the couch and if you look at Incas face you can see she is desperately trying to get closer to Austin, even if it means laying on my face to get there.  

My game plan for the week:

  • Monday: six mile trail run, Jillian Micheals when I get home (added strength training)
  • Tuesday: three miles/ sixty minutes on stair climber or bike, Maybe body pump at the gym
  • Wednesday: eight mile trail run
  • Thursday: spin class and some weight training at the gym
  • Friday: four trail miles, and some good stretching
  • Saturday: twelve miles ( my last long run before my race)
  • Sunday: Weight training, stair climber

It seems like a lot but I dropped down from the marathon to the half and I feel like since I have been running so far that the half should feel like a pretty standard run and that throwing in some extra strength training shouldn’t to any damage, but I could be wrong.

I hope you have a great Monday!

2 thoughts on “Starting a new challenge

  1. That's a busy schedule for the week! I have no upper body strength 😦 like ZERO. I rarely (never) to upper body strength training of any great significance because arm soreness sucks worse than leg soreness. I know I should do at least a little but I have been dragging my feet on it.


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