Some exciting news!

You guys know how much I love running down Big Cottonwood Canyon and how excited I am for the upcoming marathon in September, well the company who is hosting the event Revel has asked me to become an ambassador for them!  I am so Excited!  So anyone who will be running in the Salt Lake City Marathon, Ogden Marathon, and the Utah Valley Marathon let me know I will at the Revel expo booths roughly between 1-5 come stop by and say hi!


If you want to check out my Bio page here is a link to it!  If you have any question’s about any of their event’s let me know, and if you are attending any of these race’s I would also like to know:) it’s fun to meet new people or to meet up with people you already know at a race!

They also host the Goldilocks Half Marathon and Bike race over Mother’s Day weekend, and on April 30th there will be a price increase.  So if this sounds like something that you would be interested in participating in jump over to their website  Even if you are on the fence about it jump over to their page and see what their about, it really does look like an amazing event and I have heard noting but good things about their bike event that they hold.

And an update on what I have been up to lately…My phone broke and I don’t own a fancy camera yet so taking pictures was difficult, but don’t worry it has been replaced so I can now share all my random photos and running updates.

This trail is amazing and it is roughly at 8,000-9,000 ft in elevation, so even for someone who is used to thin air this run definitely felt like I was breathing through a straw. 
Roughly 1.8 miles into my planned 12 mile trail run the trail got extremely muddy and then was eventually covered in snow so I decided to not do anything too risky right before all my races come up so I turned around and met back up with Austin.
And right I get to him he is pulling this fish out of the water, it was bigger in real life but his hands are so big and he is so tall that everything looks tiny when he holds it.
I have been taking it easy as far as running goes, my half is coming up and my hips feel like they may be on the verge of injury so I am stepping back, even if I loose a bit of fitness at least I will still be capable of running!
As far as my fitness challenge is going I have been successfully adding Strength to my routine but not as much as I would like.  So I found a Groupon deal for a Crossfit gym close to me and I am going to see how I like it.  For 35 dollars for five weeks you can”t beat it!
Until next time! Have a great Monday.

6 thoughts on “Some exciting news!

  1. I wish I could get into trail running 😦 I feel like I would trip and fall over everything. Plus lizards live on trails. I hate lizards :(Please be careful with your hips! I think it's a good idea to ease off too much running (although I know it sucks when we have to do that). Better safe than sorry ;)Good luck!Oh! How was the fish? Did you guys cook it that same day?


  2. Oh wow, how fun! Looks like a beautiful place! Take care of your hip – hip injuries are difficult to come back from and you don't want to have to take an extended break from running…sending you recovery thoughts.


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