Beating Procrastination ?

I don’t know if you guys have noticed or not but I am a last minute type of girl.  I leave a lot of things till the last second, not always, but easily 80% of the time.  Now if you work with me you would say that isn’t the case some have even gone as far to say ” Before I have even had the chase to think about it Brooke has already done it, and then some!” -Anonymous ;).  However when it comes to things like my dishes, vacuuming, and putting on my running shorts and making the decision to either commit to the treadmill at the gym or brave the cold outside, I can waste my day away with all the procrastination.  So even though I struggle with this topic I am going to share some things that I have noticed help me get out the door and stay on top of things:

  • Keep things organized:  I believe in this at home and at work, if things are easy to locate (maybe not ready to go 😉 it makes the process a lot easier.  For me that includes having an entire book shelf in my office dedicated to my work out clothes/paraphernalia.  That way I know I have something there to get me to commit to my workout.
  • Prioritize your to-do list:  This one I get from work, at the hospital it is very important to know what to address first and what things can wait twenty minutes or so.  So like today, my dishes have fallen behind and I am the type of person where if my kitchen and living room are a mess I feel like a mess and usually act like a slob all day and opt for the less nutritious and quicker breakfast which set’s the tone for my entire day.  So first thing in the morning I will do my dishes clean my living room and then eat a balanced breakfast, all before I work out.  Seems crazy but it really does make me feel better throughout my day.
  • Come up with a mantra/or saying that makes you stick to your commitments: For me this can be hard, working full time plus going to school full time often leads to some scenarios where I talk myself out of doing something that needs to be done.  The Mantra/saying I use to get me out of these mindsets is “You are doing this for you and nobody else, no one else cares how much weight you lose, how healthy you feel, or how fast you run only you.  Don’t let yourself down, if your not careful it can set the tone for the rest of your life.”  I know it seems a little extreme but I have been through some pretty extreme situations in my past and this mindset is really what got me through a lot of it.*

*With that last thing said.  I do also believe in balance and that knowing when you are either letting your self down or you are just backing off a bit to prevent over use and exhaustion is good middle ground to know.  There is a huge difference between the two situations.

Does anyone have any preferences on the two belts I am going to get one or the other for sure but I have heard/read great things about both and just am not sure which route to go.  Let me know what you think or what you have heard!
Two more days till race day!!  If you are running in the Salt Lake City Marathon stop by and see me Friday at the expo I will be at the Revel booth from 1-4p.m.   I would love some company!
Have a great Thursday!

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