2015 SLC Half Marathon Re-Cap

As you all know I had originally planned to run the full marathon on April 18th, but then I was presented with the opportunity to run the Ragnar Zion’s Trail Series April 24th-25th and I just couldn’t pass it up so I dropped down to the half so that I can do both! Yay!

I am really glad I did, the Half Marathon was perfect for me on this course.  It was very humbling in the fact that it had quite a few hills thrown in there and I have been avoiding hills like they were the plague.  After this race experience though I have come to the sad realization that if I want to be a fast and proficient runner I need to do  the hard work and not just run down the hills.   

After my train ride home I went to Cafe Rio for a chicken salad, then went home ate,  stretched, showered and then took a nap.  It was an amazing day!

My time was 2:19:43, I came out too fast and paid for it in the end, but I tried not to let that bother me too much.  I had an amazing time and really enjoyed the race and running through Memory Grove and finishing at our amazing Downtown Library, it is a really beautiful library.

This week I have Ragnar and I am so excited, this will definitely be a first for me, my first trail race, my first Ragnar trail series and a first for running through Zions.  I can’t wait!

My training for the Big Cottonwood Canyon Marathon starts May 10th, the day after my Goldilocks Half Marathon!  I have a new training strategy that I am excited to share with you I just have to work out a few tweaks

Have a good Wednesday! I will be sure to take plenty of pictures for you! .

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