Ragnar aka two days and one night of hell!! But so worth it.

There was a time in my life when I was about to buy one of these vehicles and after see how awesome the Ragnar Trail vehicle looked I am wishing I would have chose that instead of my Xterra :).
These wagons…they may look convenient but it was so rocky, and that first night sandy, that they were hell to have to pull around.  Thankfully my team grabbed one of the few camping spots that allowed our cars to be right next to our camp!  And it kept us out of the mud that was packed down at the village. 
This photo does not do it justice this wasn’t even as close to how bad the actual trail was.  There was a point at one of the peaks on the Yellow loop that was literally clay, our shoes would suction off every time we tried to move forward.
This is me on the Green loop, I biffed it (naturally) 1.6 miles into my run.  Austin was at camp and thankfully able to take my gloves and ear warmers.
My rotation was:Green 3.4 ran at 6:30p.m.,  Red 7.8 cancelled due to 8 hour delay(it would have been 1:00 a.m), and Yellow 3.8 at roughly 10:30a.m..  It was so much fun though! Injuries include: one slightly swollen ankle (which is already healing), a cut up knee and I suffered from some Charley horses in my inner thighs on the way home, I am so glad Austin was there to drive me home I don’t think I would be able to make it.  
So Austins shoes got ruined up there so we went to Rei to pick up some trail runners that he has had his eye on and just as we picked up a pair of shorts and were heading over towards the shoes they announced that they were having a members only garage sale!!  So Austin got three pairs of Keen boots, a pair of Salamon trail runners, and a pair of Merrell hiking shoes for $80 dollars, plus two jackets.  
I got the Merrells (above) an the Jawbone(below) for twenty dollars combined!  I was thrilled, Austin was a little skeptical at first because the stuff has been used and returned or just returned, but for the deals we were getting I couldn’t pass and he agreed.  Total bill:$140.00, for $900.00 worth of gear for over $700.00 of savings I couldn’t believe it!
This week I am going to take it easy, I will be hitting the gym for some strength training and some light running.  Then I have one more week of some heavier running then May 9th I have my Goldilock’s half marathon! Crazy, but thankfully I will be taking a month and a half of a break from racing, but not training because Big Cottonwood Canyon Marathon training starts May 10th roughly, still working out the details.
I hope you guy’s have a great Monday!
Who else ran a Ragnar this past Weekend, Or raced this weekend?

6 thoughts on “Ragnar aka two days and one night of hell!! But so worth it.

  1. Hi Brooke! I'm heading to Utah in July and I need suggestions for places to run :)I'm also contemplating doing the Morgan half marathon (do you know anything about that event? Is it worth it?)The Ragnar races always look like so much fun. It's definitely going on my Bucket List of races to try! I'm not sure about doing a trail one though…I think I need to stick to the road Hope all the bumps and bruises heal quickly!


  2. It didn't even occur to me that the weather might not be good for my own upcoming Ragnar trail until seeing this post. Damn, good for you for sticking it out!! Also holy crap the garage sale!!! How do I find out when my REI is doing it?!?!?! I NEED.


  3. They are so much fun! I always smile when people ask me if it was fun or worth it and I just smile because there are some parts that were pure hell but after it was over I had a huge smile on my face and was telling everyone I would do it again!


  4. It depends where you go but I love running down Big Cottonwood Canyon which is in Cottonwood Heights, and then if you are a little bit more up north there is the Bonneville shore line that is also really fun! That is so exciting I hope you have a great time here!I haven't heard of the Morgan Half but Morgan county is gorgeous I could only imagine it is an amazing race!I have done a road and a trail Ragnar and they were both really fun!


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