Goldilocks Half Marathon Review…

The Goldilocks Half Marathon was over mothers day weekend and it rained all weekend!
The start line was really cute and the course was a loop so we began here and ended hear as well which was really nice so no matter what Austin could see me at least twice.
I know I said this in the last post but look at that muscular leg, I always doubt that I have muscular legs and then I see a picture of me running and I am reminded to do some pilates or something to lengthen those puppies out!
They really did an amazing job putting this race together, it was lots of fun and the medal is a really cute necklace with a running shoe charm and the Goldilocks charm.
Some technical stuff my splits went as follows:
1-10:09   8-10:27
2-11:14   9-10:13
3-11:09   10-10:41
4-10:58   11-9:53
5-10:46   12-10:17
6-10:32   13-9:54
This is my first race where the first half was slower than the second half, the official numbers are 1:16 at mile 7 and 1:02 to finish.  It wasn’t much of a gap but I held back the first half and felt like once I hit mile 8 that I was really able to push a bit and finish on a strong note and that felt amazing.  It has been my best race so far this year and the people running it were really troopers, I can’t imagine sitting out in the rain for three plus hours, our volunteers and spectators really did an awesome job at cheering us on!
And just to end on a funny note, this is exactly how I felt after the race!
Have an amazing Monday!

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