Since we last spoke…

Hey peeps,  well since April 27th a lot has gone on in my life:

  • First day of Nursing school was May 8th!  It was so much fun, I am so excited to be on this new adventure and share my experience with all of  you!
  • My Birthday was May 12th, turned 23, it was lots of fun and I got this amazing back pack, and instead of a cake I got donuts.  And no matter what anyone says you can never have too many water bottles.
  • I ran the Goldilocks Half Marathon on May 9th, Mothers day weekend.  It was such an amazing event, but it rained the. entire. time. My finishing time was 2:18 which is roughly two minutes faster than the Salt lake city Half.  Don’t mind my overly muscular quad’s…
  • My first week of nursing school has come and gone and I finally have a game plan on how all of this blogging, marathon training (which started May 10th), schooling, and enjoying life all play together.  I love making things work together!  The training plan that I am going to use this cycle is the Hal Higdon Intermediate marathon training plan, they have an app you can buy for iphone and I love it I used the Novice one to train for my first marathon three years ago and the progression worked out perfectly.
And then this weekend we went hiking to break in my new back pack and check out some new trails.
This trail is up in the Uintahs, and it wraps around Soldier Creek Resivor and over to Strawberry Resivor.
This picture makes me smile I can’t believe we caught her just about to chase after Honey.

We weren’t expecting to find any campsites already made up, it was about three miles in and they had these really fun log benches made and it was nice to sit down for a bit and let the dogs wander down to the water and get a drink.

It was a cold rainy day but we has so much fun!

I hope you guys have an amazing day!

What are some fun things you have been up to?

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