My latest running purchases

I bought this flip belt from Wasatch running, this plus my hand held water bottle are helping me to adjust to the warm weather 🙂 if you have been debating on whether or not to get a flip belt I have to say I have been loving mine I was debating between the spi belt or the flip and the extra compression from the belt prevents chaffing and keeps your tummy in check if that’s an issue 🙂
I was studying by the pool and noticed these little ducklings following their mom around and thought it was adorable. It’s really starting to feel like summer!
The butterflies are also out now too and to me there is nothing better than having butterflies all around you while you’re trail running 🙂 it just makes me happy.
I don’t know if a lot of you shop at REI or if you are members or not but if you are a member I highly recommend going to their website and reading up about their annual garage sale. I will be there the second my race is over, sweaty clothes and all.
And a cute picture of Honey with her yellow dog bandana on, if you have never heard of the yellow dog project it’s basically a program that allows you to socialize you nervous pet but at the same time let strangers know that she takes a minute to warm up to new people and that it would be nice if you could give them a bit of space or wiggle room:-) she was a very happy dog this day!
In other news I have a half marathon next weekend down big cottonwood canyon with Amdrea, and the the weekend after that is the Wasatch back ragnar, then finally I will just be training until my marathon in September and then the haunted half in October. So far 2015 has been good to me!
Oh also nursing school is going great I’m still working on meshing things together but once all my planners are filled out and some more prep work is done I think I will be able to post more regularly. Been missing talking to you all.
Have a great Friday!

4 thoughts on “My latest running purchases

  1. I've heard all great things about the Flip Belt. Love the yellow bandana idea. My 9 year old was just bit by a dog while on a playdate. Thankfully not serious. Have a great race!


  2. I've been debating getting a flip belt. I have a pocket sleeve for my arm but it's small and not the not ideal option. I'm really concerned about it riding up though…does it really stay put throughout the entire run?


  3. I haven't noticed it riding up at all but if you don't flip the belt and put the phone in the right spot it will bounce out if you are jumping up and down. (I found this out at a team sport class at Vasa fitness.)


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