Fourth of July weekend fun!

For the Fourth of July we went to stay with Austin’s aunt in Idaho, which was a blast!  We went mountain biking and hiking.  Then we had a BBQ with Austin’s family.
We were supposed to go to Bear Lake on Sunday but it rained and I got bit by a dog so I didn’t want to get in the water :-/, So we drove through Yellowstone and into Jackson Hole, then back to Utah!  We are very random.
This is a waterfall just outside of Yellowstone, it was gorgeous and we had to stop to get a quick picture :-).
Every time I go to the Old Faithful Inn I am truly amazed it is so beautiful.  It was Austins first time seeing it and he really was blown away.  He loves stuff like that. 
Other than that we didn’t get to see much else because we had the dogs with us and they weren’t allowed to get out of the car.  I haven’t been running since after the Wasatch Back but I will dive into that in another post 😉
What are good places to take your dogs with on vacation?

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