Whats coming up…

We got our family pictures taken and they turned out really cute so we went and got some decorations for the wall.  I love the ram head it is made of copper and then we did a wood theme for around it we are still playing around with arrangements but for now this is good I think.  
This is the first time that we have ever kissed in front of the camera for someone and it was just a bit awkward.  Sometimes I hate to have my picture taken because I pick myself apart and become really harsh towards myself and I hate that.  He is so much taller than me i really had to strain to kiss him and not have him bend too far down to reach me 🙂
I treated myself to an Iggy’s Long Island Ice Tea, and some appetizers before I start my second round of 21 day fix.  It was nice and this drink was really amazing!
A little bit of food prep for the week, this is truly the hardest part of it because by the time my food runs out I am in the middle of a busy work/school week and I have a hard time justifying being away from the books for too long, or not getting in my workout.  But I can’t think like that, the nutrition is the most important part and I should be feeding my body the fuel it needs to do what I demand of it.
The only thing that I have coming up in the next couple of months is the Revel Big Cottonwood Canyon Marathon and it is on September 12th, I am really nervous because I should be able to run seventeen miles about now but I can probably just do about thirteen.  Oh well I will work hard these next few weeks and see how it turns out.
Who all has done the 21 Day Fix? What are your thought’s on long term health and nutrition?

2 thoughts on “Whats coming up…

  1. I love those family pictures! and the wood theme is really nice. I've never done a 21 day Fix? What's involved no alcohol for 21 days? Good Luck with training! You'll get there with the mileage 🙂


  2. Thank you it was really hectic but very worth it! You can have alcohol but a very limited amount so if I wanted to have a glass of wine I would have to replace one of my yellow containers which are carbs and I only get two of those a day and I love eating bread :)! I hope so it's hard to take a break because I feel like I am loosing endurance, which I am, but my body needs it and I can build up my endurance again.


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