Dirty 30/ 21 day fix

Yes that is my sweat… but in my defense I was working out pretty hard without the hair on and it was around 90 degrees today.  Also this mat is very dramatic about sweat.
You never appreciate how hard it is to get a good picture of your sweat until you come up with the great idea to do so.  This was after the Dirty 30 workout from the 21 day fix, I am on my second round and I am truly loving the way it makes me feel.  Hopefully all this strength training helps me run just a little bit faster!
This is the second Bridesmaid dress that I have bought for Austin’s sisters wedding, the first one I bought was cute but the cut and style of the dress made me just a little bit uncomfortable so I thought I would look around some more.  I’m glad I did because I love this dress and it is super comfortable especially for a backyard summer wedding.  Don’t worry as I write this I am making an appointment with my salon to get my roots fixed.  They are driving me nuts…
What kind of shoes should I wear with this dress?
My dog has this horrible habit of laying right on top of me when I am sweaty and incredibly hot so I let her stay there, but only if she lets me A.)cuddle her B.)Make her make funny faces 🙂 it’s a win win really.
More about the 21 day fix.  I have lost so far four pounds which isn’t horrible, most importantly I have lost inches and gained muscle and I am starting to see more definition in stomach and arms.  I’m not where I want to be yet but I am feeling more confident and I think if any workout/diet plan can make you feel that way then it get’s an A+.
I plan on running tomorrow I will be sure to take lots of pictures.  The wildflowers are in bloom up MillCreek canyon in Utah and it is so beautiful!
Have a wonderful day!!
Do you make your pet do funny faces?
What has been some of your inspiration lately?

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