Running life lately

I have been taking a break since Ragnar but Austin’s family wanted to do this Bubble Run 5k and I thought it looked like a blast!
The babies hated the bubbles, they panicked every time we had to go near them but the older girls loved it.  I don’t know if it was because it was a themed race but it didn’t seem like three miles it felt like one mile.
Any time I can get people to run/walk/hike with me I am game no matter how much it costs 😉
I thought it was fun but they had over 7,000 people participate so it was pretty hectic and the soap ended up turning into mud in some spots which made your shirts go from a really fun tie dye to a dirty brown.
The best thing about Ragnar Wasatch Back was that their porta potty’s were well kept, and the people were great company other than that I was nauseous every second of it and the heat was unbelievable.  
I love this little picture, it is hanging up at the nurses station at work and it brings a smile to my face when I walk in.
I have been going pretty hard since the SLC half marathon and I think Ragnar was the breaking point for me.  So I decided on the drive home at midnight the last night of Ragnar that I  was going to take a much need two or three week break, the longest I have gone without running for a long time.  However I am really starting to miss the feeling of a really long run so I am going to kick my butt into gear and see if I can finish the Revel Big Cottonwood marathon in September.  If I have to do the Half Marathon that is fine but I would really love to complete a full marathon this year.  
I have been loving strength training to lately I feel like it is a great balance on my break from running, I am starting to see my body transform and I am loving the way that I am feeling.
What do you do to get back in love with running, or pick up the pace in running anyways?

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