How to stick to a routine when your life gets hectic?

I haven’t posted in months, as I have mentioned I started nursing school and am currently in my second semester!  It’s been a lot of fun but really hectic.  On top of nursing school I also purchaced a house, and started a new job in the Emergency Department.

With all of that I have fallen into the habit of making excuses for not working out.  I have also gained weight in response to the increased stress levels and lack of physical activity.  So what do I do to help me stay motivated and get back into a routine of working out daily:
1. Read inspirational blogs/magazines.  The reason I even started a blog in the first place was to help inspire and motivate people like many other people have done for me.  So recently I have been reading some of my favorite blogs and catching up on my Trail runner magazines.
2. Search Groupon for fun new classes to take.  Groupon had a deal on a online yoga program that lets you download the yoga session right to your laptop.  Which is great!  With my busy schedule that allows me to take a quck thirty to sixty minute break and do some quck stretching.
3. Get in touch with your favorite running buddies.  My running partner happens to also be in nursing school and she just got married!  So it will be nice for things to settle down and get back into our fun long runs together.  That is truely one of my favorite things about running.
4. Meet new people who love running just as much as you do.   I find that surrounding yourself by people who are like minded helps to keep you in the same mindset and you tend to follow through on your workout regimn.  So I have found to be the case with me anyways.  
If you are interested this is a really great article on p53 cells and elephants and their link to cancer.  It was discovered by a student at the University of Utah and the elephants from the Hogle Zoo.
As far as running goes, I ran three miles tonight but I am having a really hard running three straight miles without stopping which is really difficult for me especially when I am already feeling discouraged.  But I have been here before (multiple times in fact) and I know that if I just stick with it I will get back into my routine and be tackling all those difficult miles again.
Have any of you Utah locals been to any of these Halloween events?  I want to do the ziplining but it is $80 a person and I would like to know if any of you think it is worth it.
Have a great Friday?

What are some of your favorite workout blogs you like to read?

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