Hello strangers…Now that I have a moment

I hope you have all had an amazing holiday.  It has been a while since I have posted anything so I thought I would do a quick update during some downtime.  
I got a new treadmill for Christmas! It truly has been a god send, even though I hate running on the treadmill, during the first two semesters of nursing school it had been nearly impossible to find time to go running.  So we got a treadmill so that I could run at anytime! Treadmill running > no running. 
First four miles of the year!
I decided on an apple watch for my next running tech device…So far I love it but I haven’t been able to run outside much lately!
Austin and I looked at the fishing reports and were told that the lakes weren’t frozen yet.  That was wrong there was plenty of ice and like rookies we didn’t bring any of our gear and brought our dogs along so we couldn’t stay long :(.  Next weekend will be the ice fishing weekend.  
Nursing school is going great it has been really hectic but I am loving the challenge.  On the down side I have gained probably twenty pounds from stress and poor sleeping habits but hopefully the increased activity will help my stress level and the goals I have made out for the new year will help me get back on track.  
What do you find helps you when life becomes so hectic that you stop doing the things you love?  How do you know when to compromise one thing like sleep/study time for exercise/meal prepping.  It has been really hard for me.  I have lost a lot of my endurance and have gained weight and I feel like I am being over critical of myself.  What are your thoughts and what gets you through the rough patches?
In running news I have signed up for a Trail Half Marathon!!  It is through Ultra Adventure,  If you have ever participated in this race I would love to know!! 
I haven’t made many goals for the New Year but I do plan on running primarily trail races this year that way I can get in the mountain and run at the same time.  Two birds with one stone, while in nursing school.  I would also love to update the blog more often I have missed this blogging community and would love to get back in touch.
Have an amazing day!!
What is new in your community?

One thought on “Hello strangers…Now that I have a moment

  1. Glad everything is going ok with school. The stress is normal. It usually gets better… usually.I'm kidding it does :)When life takes me away from the things I love to do the most I schedule a \”me\” day. It's hard to do with your current schedule but sometimes you have to be deliberate in carving out time for yourself :)Good luck on your upcoming training and half!


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