Meal prep Sunday!

Sunday’s it’s become our routine to meal prep for the up-coming week to help us make healthier choices and to save money by reducing eating out.   The way I have been organizing my meal planning is through the notes app on my phone.


On a Friday or Saturday Austin and I will sit down and decide what we would like to eat for the following week and what is in our budget.  We use Mac and Cheese as a fend for yourself type of day.  Those are the nights that I wont be home and Austin can just cook whatever we have that looks good.  I will then look in the cupboards to see what we have and start making my shopping list.  To make sure we are getting good deals on our groceries I will go on Smiths Clicklist and look for the best deal and load electronic coupons onto our Smiths card.  So far it’s been a really effective method.  I also find the Weight Watchers recipes on Instagram and Youtube.

These homemade Poptarts are amazing and for one of them it is 3 points.  The recipe is simple and Austin loves them.

For our lunches during the week we are having Shepard’s pie.  One serving is 4 points and we prep 12 meals for the week, freezing six of them and have the other six in the fridge so that they don’t go bad.   As a side for these lunches we are going to have mixed veggies and a boiled egg.


For breakfast we will be having ham and cheese croissants that we can pair with scrambled eggs on the side or a piece of fruit.  These are 4 points for one and are really filling I am so excited to have them for the week!

Today at the gym I did incline training where the treadmill was at 15% incline and the speed was at 3 MPH.  Then I ended with legs which consisted of:

  • Bulgarian split lunges
  • Bosu ball squats
  • Deadlifts
  • Barbell squats
  • Wall sit with abdominal twist

My goal for this week is to have everyday be in the blue dot and to work out at least 5 days this week.  I have set up my home gym so that if I can’t make it to the gym in the morning I can squeeze in a workout.

-IF you read all the way till the end Thanks for stopping by and if you have any tips and tricks for meal prepping I would love to know them!



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