Utah Summit goals

This year my goals for the gym center around what my goals are for hiking this year.  I want to hike at least five summits in Utah, and eventually in other states.  The top Summits on my list are:

Pfeifferhorn: 11,331 feet in elevation.  Located in Big Cottonwood Canyon. I plan on hiking the east ridge which has access at the Red Pine Lake Trail head.  Round trip is roughly 9.6 miles and it is an out and back trail, meaning that you hike in on one trail and will hike back out on the same trail.  There is 3700 feet of elevation gain.  Best season is May- September.  I am going to do some more research as well and find out if the lake ups there have Brook or Brown trout in them and I might bring my fly pole and stop off at them.  I will keep you guys updated!

REI hiking project

Mount Timpanogos: 11,752 feet of elevation.  Located in the Uinta-Wasatch-Cache National forrest.  14 miles Round trip and is an out and back trail.  I will start at the Aspen Grove Trail head, and the best season is May-October.  There is an elevation gain of 4,914 feet.  There are waterfalls and lakes so I will be brining my fly pole with me and possible my Chacos or wet wadding gear for fly fishing.  Depends on how cold it gets.

REI hiking project

Bald mountain:  11,948 feet elevation.  Located in the Uinta Mountain range. There is an elevation gain of 1,250 feet.  It is a 2.6 mile all around hike that is a out and back.  Due to the high elevation the peak stays pretty snowy until roughly June/July and the gate closes soon after the first snow fall.  This is a hike that I have done before but I do love it and I plan on doing it again this year with the puppy dogs and my little girl.  I will also be bringing my fly pole.  I would be ridiculous not to.  Mirror lake highway is one of my all time favorite places to fly fish in the summer.

REI hiking project

Kings peak: This is the highest peak in the U.S. state park of Utah sitting at 13,534 feet in elevation.  Located in the Ashley National forest.  It is 26.8 miles round trip and is an out and back trail. The best season for this trail is April-October.  There is a elevation gain of 5,118 feet.  I will be starting and the Henry’s for trail head. This may be one that I will take my overnight gear and either go by myself, get a sitter or see if any friends or siblings would like to join me!  I also believe this will be the last one for me to accomplish being that it is the furthest and will require overnight backpacking gear.

REI hiking project

Mount Olympus: 9,030 feet in elevation. It sits along the Wasatch Front.  Fun little side note there is a big rock/boulder that you can hike to the top of and set up top rope lines and rock climb which happens to be the first rock climbing I have ever done.  I will be starting at the Mount Olympus trail.  It is a 7.3 mile round trip out and back trail with an elevation gain of 4,124 feet.  Best season is May-October.

REI hiking project

A lot of these hikes I will either have my daughter in her Osprey kid carrier pack and on my back which will roughly be 30 pounds or I will have my Backpacking pack on with about 20-30 pounds in it as well.  So my training will consist of incline work on the treadmill,  stair master and sprints with regular weight training added!  I can’t wait

-Thanks for stopping by, if you have any tips or you have done any of these hikes I would love to hear from you!


3 thoughts on “Utah Summit goals

      1. awesome! We are doing that hike in June so I’ll get to see it myself 🙂 You seem to have done more research so far than me, what do you feel the best beginner summit would be, or just any from the above list?

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