Sunday meal prep

It’s not Sunday but I figured I can still upload some of our meal prep stuff from the weekend!

I’m still loving this low intensity steady state incline training with my weighted pack.  I feel the burn in my quads.  Plus this is my option for when I am working on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday since those will typically be my 16-18 hour days I like to be able to workout at home in my home gym then shower and collect all my stuff together.  It saves me a little time and then I don’t risk forgetting something.  However if I’m not feeling the incline training with the pack I will go to the gym and just bring all my stuff there and shower after my workout.

I was only able to do a half hour today because, to be honest,  I was up and down all night with the baby and had a hard time waking up ;).

My meal prep for the week consisted of a little simpler option this week.  I mad Dirty Rice in the Instapot and then we bought tyson pre cooked chicken strips and then put them in the containers.  I also made Jalapeño and cheese cornbread muffins.  Our lunches for the week will be a total of 4 WW points, 2 for the rice and 2 for the muffins.  For breakfast this week I have been really loving the Morning star veggie sausage patties they are only one point a piece, I like two in the morning, and eggs with Sara Lee low calorie bread for 2 points for two slices for a total of 4 points.    I have been without soda now for 2 weeks and I haven’t really had any cravings.  Prior to my last year of Nursing school I didn’t drink soda at all but then I jumped on the bandwagon and became pretty addicted to it throughout my pregnancy and then the year after.  I’m glad to finally start to kick the habit again.

This is what my lunch looks like,  It doesn’t look like much but it is soooo filling!  I will also have a Premier protein drink added into my morning coffee that I will sip on throughout the morning which helps me stay full.

Another tip that I find that helps me stay full is getting in enough water in a day!


-If you have any great recipes that you would like to share please do!  I’m always looking for new ideas for Meal Prep Sunday’s!

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