Weekly workouts

My go to workout for this week has been Incline training on the treadmill(again) and sprint intervals on the stairmaster.   Nothing gets my heart rate up quicker than having the stairmaster at level 10-17 for approx. 30-60 seconds,  I’m still at the point where I need like 2 minutes of recovery but I feel like I am getting stronger.

I usually keep my cardio workouts any where from 30-60 minutes as well depending on how I am feeling and how much time I have in the morning.

After my cardio is done I will stretch and do some core activating and leg activating exercises then depending on what day it is I will focus on a few muscle groups.    So far I feel like I am having a lot of progress.  I do want to start incorporating more HIIT.

I also got my smart sweets this week and I gotta say if your doing Weight Watchers or are just trying to reduce sugar they are a great alternative!

-Until next time, Thanks!

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