Whats in my fly bag

Oh man,  the other day I was thinking to myself…I wish I new about more flyfishing blogs or YouTube channels or Instragram pages,  I would really love to see a whats in your bag post.  Then I decided, screw it I’ll do a what’s in my fly bag and lead by example right?

Fun little side bit about this Fishpond across body bag is that I won it in a raffle from a little local fly fishing shop in Sandy, Utah called Fishwest.  Which is pretty crazy because I literally never have luck winning anything!

On this little side loop I have this attachment that holds my leader,  I typically have four or five different choices depending on where and what type of fishing I am doing but Austin and I had a really busy year and we have run out of the others.

Just below that attachment is a little zipper pocket there are two of these, one on each side,  the other side I keep Chapstick and usually gum or other small things I might need to access easily.  But on this side I keep my Biostrike,  which is a strike indicator that lets me know when I am getting a bite,  this stuff is re-usable and easy to put on and take off.  I used it a lot when I was just starting off but I have been using it less this year.

Another outside of the bag accessory’s that I have is this bug float,  I use this for my dry fly’s to keep them from sinking.  It’s another thing I like to keep readily accessible in case I need to re-apply it to my dry flies.

In the first big zipper pocket I keep some tippet apparently,  I had no idea I had some in there ;).  My clippers are on a retractor which I 110% will always have from here on out.  I have my Hemostats( also known as needle nose pliers but I am a RN so they will always be Hemostats to me).  A back up utility knife,  I typically keep one on my belt or waders but in case I lose one I will have a back up.  A spinner?  Random but we must of been switching up between using our fly rods and our spinner rods.  Some Hi Chews that we like to keep while we are hiking or fishing.  And last but not least for this section,  my beer koozie!  Because you know I might need one.

Photo of the pocket that all that stuff came out of,  surprising I know….

The middle zipper picket holds my flies and my two reels.  I have two because one has sinking line and the other has floating line.  One for lakes and one for rivers,  depending on how the fish are biting and the depth of the water.  One day I will have some reel cases for these bad boys but for right now I am too poor for that ;).

haha…. Pocket for reference.

My lerger fly box,  I keep a lot of nymphs and emergers in this box.

My smaller fly box I keep my terrestrial and wooly buggars and some streamer like patterns.

From the front pocket some more tippet,  because you can really never have too much.

And a pocket for reference.

This Umpqua box I won the same day as that Fishpond bag,  It had literally a couple hundred of dollars of flies in it.

A picture of the inside,  every spot in here had a fly in it when we first got it but we moved stuff to other fly boxes as the year went on and lost a few in bushes or trees…you know as you do when you do any type of fly fishing!

I hope you enjoyed!  If you know of any other women anglers I would love to discover more!

-Thank’s for stopping by!

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