Meal prep Sunday

Smiths clicklist is amazing!  Especially with a little baby who hasn’t been sleeping the greatest:).  My Dad thought I was being lazy but I tell you when your baby is ornery and your trying to stick to your grocery list and budget it truly is a life saver.

So this week we planned our week out again(which we are loving):

  • Breakfast: Oatmeal or Eggs is our final choice which is anywhere from 2-6 points.
  • Lunch: I did pork carnitas with Dirty rice which came out to 8 points.
  • Dessert: Poptarts,  which is a homemade lower sugar 3 points a piece.

This is what our shopping list looked like which I just put straight into click list.  Obsessed.

In other news my little babe is walking around like crazy!  Her new favorite pass time is to know on the wall and scream what I assume is “come in”  which is odd because Austin and I basically live like hermits and people rarely come over!

-Thanks for stopping by!

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