Hiking pack reccomendations

I have had quite a few questions lately about which hiking pack we use with Hazel and I thought that it may be helpful to have an article describing which packs I checked out and why we went with the Osprey pogo.  It is a bit on the expensive side so we had to budget for it for a couple of months prior to making the purchase.  However I believe that it has already paid for itself.  Austin, Hazel and I are a family that spend every opportunity we get in the outdoors and this has made it so that hazel can be comfortable and protected from the sun until we get to our destination.  With that said it may take some adjusting for your baby to get used to it, just remember to take cues from your baby and stop frequently to see if they want a snack or need a drink, re-apply sunscreen, or would just like to play and stretch their legs for a moment.

My favorite feature of this osprey pack was that it had the sunshade already built-in and we didn’t have to spend extra to add it on.  The quality of the pack also seemed a little bit better and when your spending that kind of money on something 40-50 extra dollars can make a huge difference.

Some other tips that I have when it comes to finding a good deal is that if you are a REI often has garage sales and if your lucky or vigilante you may be able to find one for 50-70% off.  There are also Yard sale sites and KSL that are amazing resources.

remember to put sunscreen on your babies prior to going outdoors and keep some in one of the pockets on your pack to re-apply throughout your day.  Also I recommend kid safe bug spray for when the mosquitos hatch.  

For the first few hikes you go on I would also suggest that you keep them pretty local and short in distance and not too tactical that way you can work out the kinks and see what works and what doesn’t for you and your family so that when you go on the longer hikes you feel more confident and prepared.  For instance in the above photo I learned really quickly that if I was hiking with and added 20 plus pounds on my back I would want some high ankle support boots rather than my trail runners.  Also the close you wear should be breathable because you will probably be sweating a lot more.

Some specs on the pack:

  • Weight capacity: 16-48.8 pounds,  there are directions that come with the pack stating that your baby will have to meet x,y,z in order to be able to fit.
  • Pack weight: 7.10 lbs.
  • Adjustable: It has multiple different adjusting straps that allows both me 5’4″ and my 6’5″ husband can comfortably wear it.

This is Hazel at approx.  9 months.  She fit really comfortably and we had an awesome summer exploring in this pack.  I can’t wait for the new season!

Some other packs we looked at:

Deuter kid comfort air child carrier

Kelty Backcountry child carrier with hood

And then for when she was really little:

Boba baby wrap

Ergo Baby Omni 360

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