Winter fly fishing

Winter fly fishing is the worst with kids I have decided…I mean I will fish whenever and however I can but the last two years has looked a little different.  Hazel, and you can see below, wasn’t too impressed by it and we ended up doing a lot of work for little gain.  However she slept like a dream and when the wind wasn’t blowing and making us both freezing cold she was having fun looking at the birds.

We both have two layers on here I was doing alright but if anyone has any recommendations on how to keep a  babies face warm when playing outside in the cold,  let me know!

In Utah right now we are getting most of our snow for the winter in the span of a few weeks and as a result is making it rather windy outside.  Not captured above is a very graceful cast where my fly got caught up in the wind and whipped back and stuck me right in the leg and everything in the freezing cold hurts ten times worse.  We were done shortly after that ;).

We went fishing at a little community pond which surprisingly wasn’t capped over with ice.  I also didn’t get a single bite though so I imagine that my old trusty purple wooley buggar wasn’t what the fish were after?  Haha, oh well at least we got some casting practice in!

If anyone out there has some flies that they always use during the winter time I would love some input!.  

-Thanks for stopping by!



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