Sunday meal prep 2/17

My baby girl hasn’t been feeling to great the last couple of weeks so we have been having lots of snuggle time.  Which also means I didn’t spend a whole lot of time on meal prepping.  This week we decided to keep it simple with just sandwich’s and pre packaged chips for our work lunches.

Our weekly dinners are listed above as well, everything that I will be making is a healthier WW friendly version.  I will be posting on my Instagram account @mountin_gains my recipes and where I find them.  So if you would like to see where I find some of these recipes or how they come together be sure to check out there.

I also added what our grocery list typically looks like,  the notes app on my phone is wonderful.  I can add what I am looking for and check it off once I have found it.  I also have been using Smith Clicklist as well so that I can keep my weekly grocery budget under $100.00.  Which we have successfully been able to do the last couple of months!

My sweet little Hazel has been sooo cuddly lately, which I love but it isn’t like her.  I hope she starts feeling better soon.  We also started her at a day care which is probably why she got sick but I’m sure we will be here again so we will just snuggle and watch Disney movies.  Our current favorites are Monsters inc. and The Little Mermaid!

If you have any great recipes that you would like to see if I can make lower points and WW friendly let me know!

-Thanks for stopping by!

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