Getting some “fresh” air

We have been hit hard with the cold virus pretty hard here and we have gotten to the point that even though we feel like crap we had to get outside and get some fresh air.  Why or how we ended up at the Great Salt Lake I’m not sure but we were driving around looking for a spot to go for a quick walk and this was what we came up with.

I know the Great Salt Lake is an amazing resource for salt but it hurts my heart just a little to see so much water and know that there is only Brine shrimp and Brine flies in it.  

It was 28 degrees outside though so we only walker around for about 10 minutes or so and then high tailed it out of there haha.

While we wait out this horrible virus I’m just going to keep myself occupied with tying new flies…

…And drinking lots of water!

Whenever I am sick I typically listen to my body and get lots of rest and not focus on anything other than trying to get better.  So I didn’t really track, I ate intuitively and didn’t go to the gym that way my body doesn’t go through any more stress than necessary.

-Thank’s for stopping by!

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