Conservation Monday’s

The Pebble Mine Project: Why it matters to get involved and to educate yourself on current affairs.


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I have decided to dedicate my Monday posts to Conservation and Environmental topics.  However my goal is to make it so that you have the tools to understand the topics without getting confused with all the technicality and semantics of a scientific research paper or a long article.  I also will link all the article’s and documentaries that I have read so that if you would like more information that option is available to you.

What it is: Northern Dynasty Minerals a Canadian mining company is attempting to get access to mine Copper, gold and molybdenum by/in Bristol Bay.

Why it’s controversial: There are multiple reason’s as to why this project is controversial.  One of those reason’s being that globally Wild Salmon populations are declining and Bristol Bay and the rivers that flow into it are home to some of the largest Natural Sockeye Salmon runs in the world and for any one who has lived near or in a mining community can very confidently state that the effects of mining are large and heart breaking.  Environmentally there is no doubt that having a habitat stay in it’s natural state rather than the eye sore a mining site would create is a better option.  Then you throw in other factors like the waste and bi products of mining and the contamination of surrounding areas you will eventually have a cross contamination with the water sources.  It has shown time and again, what is in your environment/air will eventually be leaked into your water sources.  With those reasons aside, the people who live in the area have voted against it and the Clean Water Act 404(c) was enacted to help protect the area.


Image from Alaska Department of Fish and Game

The other side of the argument: The numerous arguments for Pebble mine are: It will help get America out of debt, create jobs, wont have a large environmental impact, new and improved mining techniques will decrease or eliminate waste.  That pretty much sums up the underlying message. There is money in mining and things can be heavily regulated.

What you can do: You could get informed about what is going on, some of the sites I used were:

You could also call your local elective and be one of the hundreds of thousands of voices that are speaking up against this mine.

I feel that the worst thing that people can do is have an opinion on something without first doing some research and making an informed opinion.  As a person who loves everything outdoors and loves the Public Lands that have been a keystone in my upbringing it would be gut retching for those wild places to be reduced to mines.

Let me know if you have any thoughts or articles that can be eye opening or informative.

-Thanks for stopping by!

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