Things I’m loving lately

I love podcasts from all different genre’s any where from My Favorite Murder to my current favorite Anchored with April Vokey.  It targets a whole bunch of interesting topics onConservation and in’s and out of being in the Hunting and Fishing industry.  One of my biggest goals this years is to get involved more in my community and to protect the wild places that I love so much and I believe learning about ways to keep them healthy and keep them public is only the beginning.  I also want to help educate friends and family about all things going on around us.  So on that note I am going to pick a topic each week and write a blog post describing what it is and what myself and people can do to help.

April Vokey’s Podcast Anchored

Another think that I have been loving this week is my 1.5 L Nalgene water bottle.  We are all getting over a pretty big cold virus over here and the only way I feel better is if I am drinking water like a mad women.  So it has been my constant companion.

My 1.5 L Nalgene

I have also discovered this popcorn that is so good, even my daughter loves it we tore through a whole bag in less than a week.  It’s a perfect end of day snack and you get a lot for only four points.

Chili Lime Pop Zero


This will probably always be on my favorites list and even though I was skunked both times I went fishing this week I really love this fly pole.

My fly rod

And even though it is March I finally finished my bullet journal.  I don’t know if I love the design I chose but it has been working lately and that all that counts haha.  Now if only I could be a little more artistic then I would be in good shape ;).

Let me know if there are any topics in particular that you would like me to highlight.

-Thank’s for stopping by!

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