Workout routine and archery.

With being sick over the last couple of weeks I have toned it back a bit on working out at the gym.  Partly because I was contagious for a bit and didn’t want to get other people sick and mostly I didn’t want to be doing some pretty tough cardio/weight lifting cough my lungs out and then inevitably pee my pants…stuff you have to think about after having a baby ha.

The workouts I have been sticking to are just some more of the usual, I am habitual in that when I find something that makes me feel good or inspires me I jump in with both feet and commit to it.

I have a forty pound mutli day back pack on, my treadmill is set to 12% incline and I will do 30 minutes at a 2.5-3 mph pace.  After this I will stretch and if I am at home I will do some dumbbell workouts.

My cute little home gym,  I have to get a few more weights and a spot to practice pull ups and a bench but all in good time.

Another thing that I am going to be starting back up this week is shooting my bow,  theoretically I would love to do this year round, but there is definitely a chunk of the year where I set it aside and focus on some other things.

Not too much excitement going on on my end but I am excited to start shed hunting and fishing in the next couple of weeks!

Who else is ready for the spring to come!

-Thanks for stopping by!

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