Getting my bow dialed in

With just about five months before the Utah Elk and Deer archery season opens and all the new additions I have added to my bow I have a lot of work to put in before I can ethically say that I am prepared for the hunt.  The last couple of years have been hectic for me I graduated Nursing school and a week later found out I was pregnant and by the time the deer hunting season rolled around I was also just barely rolling around.  Then we had our sweet little Hazel and that was a learning curve in itself.  With her being so young and us being first time parents we didn’t do a lot of hunting and camping.  We went a few times but we were most comfortable with just day trips into the Uinta’s and fishing every chance we got.  Which worked for out little family, but now we have adapted and I believe we have a system that is going to allow for a successful season for us this year.  Of course if we draw out that is.

In this photo the kinks that I am working out are my new rest,  for the better part of six years I have used a whisker biscuit and I know they aren’t the most popular of rest’s but I loved it and it was effective and I have the type of personality that once I find something I love and it works I hold onto it hard.  But I was gifted for my birthday a new drop rest I put it on myself at the end of last season and too my dismay I haven’t been able to get out and shoot since.  So I decided to assess the damage.  Also I added a new site which is a different type of design for me, it’s not the most high-tech but you can easily make adjustments to your sight box and once your pins are dialed in with one turn of a knob you go from a 20/30/40 pin to a 50/60/70 pin.  At this moment my range of area that I would ethically shoot a deer or elk at is 50 yards, my bow’s poundage is at 55 and I can get a successful shot off at that range.

My trusty old block, again once I find something I love and it works I use it until I can’t,  this bad boy has been with us for about ten years! I am aiming for the little piece of paper there in the middle with my 20 yard pin and I like I am right on track.  Not shown in the picture is a  shot off at 30 yards and it was way over haha, but in my defense with the new site and just got done hiking 3 miles with 40 pounds on my back and then shooting with said 40 pounds on my back I feel like with a slight adjustment I will be right on track.

On an unrelated note I have decided since people can’t be responsible and pack out their own trash I will take it upon myself to bring trash bags myself and make a point to pick up one full garbage bag full of trash.  I will keep you posted on what I find.

It was a little overcast but we waited it out for a bit and were rewarded with lots of sunshine and fun memories!

She always look so frustrated or upset but then my dad takes her picture and she is nothing but smiles.  Her favorite pass time on our hikes is to play with / eat my hair or try to rip my hat off if that doesn’t work then she rages and with slap the top of my head…it’s a blast!

How do you like to get out with your kids?  Any tips or tricks?

-thanks for stopping by!

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