Conservation Monday’s

Endangered Species Steelhead fish at risk: Due to numerous reasons the Steelhead population has taken a very dramatic drop in numbers since the 60-70’s almost to the point of extinction.  Steelhead’s are currently on the endangered species list and even though multiple different organizations are taking steps to correct this the number is still declining.


    Image from NOAA fisheries

Where: Broad geographic range from inland tributaries of Idaho to offshore areas of Alaska and Canada.

Why it deserves attention:  Let’s begin by defining what Steelhead’s are, from my research that I will post below, they are the same genetically as a Rainbow Trout the difference being that unlike traditional Rainbow trout, Steelhead trouts are  born in fresh water and spawn in fresh water but they live in the sea.  They are the only trout that have this type of spawning ritual.  With that being said there are numerous things that are affecting the Steelhead population but what we will focus on in this post is the damn formations and climate change.  In the 1960’s-70’s there were a series of dams built along the Snake river which inhibited the Steelhead fish from spawning and killing off a lot of the population on the journey up to the fresh water lakes.  On top of that the globe has steadily been warming,  to the point where the snow melts are melting later in the season, the bugs are hatching later in the season and the steelheads food sources are changing.

What you can do: Like with anything you can’t do anything about an issue you know nothing about so getting informed is an amazing first step!  There are multiple organizations that are requesting help in contacting members of legislature and letting them know that more/different measures need to be taken to keep these fish safe.  One such organization is the ICL or the Idaho Conservation League.  Another tip that you can do is reduce your environmental impact things like recycling, using less water and combining trips.

More information:

What are some other tips and information that you think would be informative?

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