Update on Summit Training

In typical Utah fashion we got a few 50 degree day’s coupled with a lot of snow at 30 degree days.  I am determined to get outside on any day that the sun is out and it isn’t snowing.  But that isn’t always the case so my treadmill and the the stairmaster have been my winter time companion.

My goal on the treadmill is to be able to carry my heavy/weighted overnight back pack and do 12-15% incline at 3 mph.  That doesn’t always happen but when it does it is one hell of a workout.  I have also been hitting the stairmaster,  that has been a little less lately though due to the fact that I’m still getting over my cold and I’m not back to 100 % yet.

These are just the standard weights that I have been using in my backpack,  I also have my headlamp and tent and sleeping bag in there.  Not because I wanted them for weight but because I was too lazy to take them out and didn’t want to find them a new place to stay.

Another image of my loaded up backpack.  The pack I use is the Osprey ATMOS 50,  It’s the most comfortable pack I have ever owned.

I have also been adventuring with this little nugget, despite her face we are having a blast.

Some more difficult up hill hiking, we went looking for sheds but had no luck unfortunately.  Earlier in the week we found one from last season, but I’m thinking I have to switch up my location.  I am going to head south this weekend and see if I have better luck.

Another thing that’s been helping me get into shape is taking my princess dogs outside for a hike and them refusing to leave the mountain because her paw is hurt.  I’m a sucker and carried her 1.5 miles off the mountain, she even got comfortable and rested her head on the top of my head… This was a lot of hiking for not a lot of reward but at least the views were great.

Any tips for shed hunting in Utah?

-Thanks for stopping by!

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