Prep for Turkey season

My hunting wish list:

Womens Timberline Pant:  Cost $229 sitka

Womens Core Heavy Weight Hoodie: Cost $132.30 sitka

Womens Jetstream Headband:  Cost $30 sitka

Womens Traverse Glove: Cost $30 sitka

Womens Aurora Puffy: Cost $200 First lite

Womens Alturas Guide Pant: Cost $145  First lite

Hunters specalties Undertaker Turkey hunting vest: Cost$ 79.99 Realtree

Haha I know it’s a lot but I think that if you buy a few really good pieces that you like and it will last you a long time and you only wear it for hunting and hiking, then it is well worth the investment.  With that said though I will probably have to make these purchases over the course of a few paychecks.


Until the end of April I will just have to reminisce and look at photos from a few years back!

Let me know what you favorite hunting gear is and what is/isn’t worth the investment!

-Thanks for stopping by!

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