Conservation Monday’s

The Rollback of the Clean Water Act:  First brought about in 1948 as a way to control water pollution the act was amended in 1972 to what we now know as the clean water act (CWA).  Some of the highlights of the act are to; regulate pollutant discharges into the waters of the United States, Allowing the EPA to implement pollution control programs, Funded the construction of sewage treatment plants.  What the administration is now trying to do is to remove some of those protections acts from the Wetlands and Small stream systems. 


Why is this an issue: Aside from the obvious fact that out water sources should remain pollutant free if for the single fact that we need clean drinking water and often times these wetland or small streams in times of flooding or heavy rains have a way of making it into other watershed areas.  If that isn’t reason enough it doesn’t take a scientist to be able to look outside and see how necessary these water systems are to big and small game.  Increasing the risk of pollution and removing the protection from these water systems could be detrimental for the wildlife that call them home.


What is the reason they would like to remove the protection: President Trump has stated that he feels as if the CWA is just another job wasting act and that we as a nation could benefit more from the production of mining for fossil fuels.  As far as any other reasoning I haven’t been able to find any.  With that said though the Outdoors industry generates $900 billion a year and supports 7.6 million jobs a year and works with conservation groups to try to keep the lands that we love safe and thriving.


What can you do: Like I always say the best way to make a difference is to know that there is an issue in the first place and to be informed on what the issue is.  Some other things you can do is to contact administrator Wheeler at BackCountry Hunters Alliance. They also have lots of useful information on the topic as well.



What other articles have you read that you think I might be interested in?

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