Monday meal prep

So over the weekend I ate out at a restaurant that I will not name just in case it wasn’t them who gave me food poisoning.  Even though I am 89% sure that it was.  So all of Sunday and most of Monday I spent close to a bathroom literally feeling like death.  It reminds me why I like to cook my own food and it inspired me to meal prep for the entire week.




This week I had just very simple and easy meal preps of Baked Chicken ( 0 Points), 1/4 cup of white rice (1 point), and Roasted Broccoli (0 Points).  It was a nice and filling low point lunch that I could pair with a really filling snack and I stayed on track all week and didn’t ever get the urge to binge.


This was last week for my nieces 16th birthday dinner at Olive Garden.  Not the best way to end the week with high points but we had fun and ate good food and the next day I was back on track.  I think it gets easy to get caught up in doing everything 100% perfect 100% of the time but WW is built around the philosophy that you have to change your perspective and develop a healthy relationship with food and sometimes that means just going out to eat with your family ordering what you want and then the next day get back to business as usual.

img_1579Spring time is here and we are getting all of out camping and hiking gear out so that we can up and go anytime and take a little of the planning and rushing out of the equation.  One of my favorite things to do is to fill these milk jugs up with water and put them in my freezer then when it’s time to go fishing or camping we can throw them in our cooler and we have instant block ice and when it melts we have more drinking water.  Also it is a great way to re-use something that commonly gets thrown out.

What are some little camping/fishing hacks that you have that make the summers go a little smoother?

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