Monday Conservation

Public land gridlocked by Private land owners: 9.52 million acres of public land are inaccessible to the people who own them.  Right now there are multiple different organizations that are attempting to get this issue addressed.  I know I’m not the only person out there who has found what would be some amazing country to explore and from what I can see it is BLM land but then when we drive around looking for a place to park and start hiking it end’s up being landlocked with no public access road and when we proceed to call DNR, BLM and the County sheriff to see if they are aware of a public access road and we get shut down or emailed a map that is less helpful than the Onx map’s app that we already have.


Why is this important: Like most people a good majority of the hunting, hiking and fishing that I do is either BLM land or National Forrest and it seems that every year there are more and more of these BLM lands sold off and even though there is only a few acres that are being sold  the way it is being sold is so that the private land owners are now the only ones able to access the BLM land behind their property.  So even though they only purchased a small fraction they might as well have sold all of it off, the public can’t access it any longer.


Other side of the argument: There are two points of view that I have run into with this topic one being from the state and them stating that the BLM land was put aside as a fund to keep the country from going broke and the states can control when they need to sell it off to help bring in funding for schools and things like that.   Then you have the people who bought the property that borders the BLM land and their argument is that they don’t want to have to have people driving in their backyard at all hours of the day and night and to have 100’s of people come by their property.  Which in my opinion is something they should have thought about prior to buying the property.


What can you do: Right now there are many different organizations that I will link below that you can send an email to your representative’s and let them know you are against Landlocking of Public BLM lands.   These lands belong to us as a society and more than just a select handful of us should have access to them.

Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership

onX and TRCP Partner for Landlocked Public Lands.

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