Shed hunting

So far shed hunting has been a bust, we have only found two and we are starting to get restless for something else.  I think this weekend we are going to head out for some fly fishing my task for this week is to find a river that has a good amount of access without having to get to deep into the water or trek through thick snow.

We are thinking that we are going to have to start hiking higher but our little girl starts to get restless or it starts to get just a little too cold so we have to turn around and head back or taker her out and let her play for a bit and see if she will be up to it for much longer.

This tree, I’m pretty sure it is called a Juniper Cedar Tree but I’m not 100% sure on that.  Anyways I thought for sure there would be a whole bunch of sheds tucked under these tree’s on the south slopes of the mountains but the area has either been picked clean or is just a little bit too low to be able to find anything.  So instead we are going to just organically go hiking and fishing and see if we just happen upon one.

What are some shed hunting/ early  spring tips that you have when going with toddlers?

-Thanks for stopping by!

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