Meal prep Sunday

This week Austin and I decided to see what we had on our pantry and freezer and attempt to do our meal prep and weekly dinner planner based on what we already have. For this week it is super simple but it’s going to be really tasty.  We have baked Chicken with creole seasoning,  brocoli with garlic salt, and 1/4 cup of Ditalani pasta with some ragu sauce on top=super basic and still filling. This lunch comes to a total of 6 points!


We cleaned out the grill over the weekend and now we are grilling everything we can get our hands on.  Nothing screams it’s spring time like the smell of dinner cooking outside on the grill.

We got a really good deal on chicken at Sams club so my food posts are going to be really repetitive staring mainly chicken and some salmon or ground turkey thrown in the mix here and there.

I have never grilled shrimp before but after this weekend I don’t know that I can have them any other way.  Prior to grilling with thawed these out under cool water, melted some butter and gave them a quick dip and then sprinkled with garlic salt and then grilled until desired level of doneness (?) achieved.  I tracked these as 1 point for three ounces due to the butter, we used I can’t believe it’s not butter and it tasted amazing.

I love the site of meat that has grill marks on it,  I recently bought a meat thermometer and I can’t believe I have made it so far in life without one, our chicken comes out cooked thoroughly but not overly done every time.  It is definitely a game changer!

This was our finished dinner last night.  So good and so filling.  6 WW points for the whole thing because of the rice but the chicken and broccoli are both 0 points.

This week for meals:

Monday: Salmon (0 points) and mashed potatoes (4 points).

Tuesday: Turkey(0), bean(0) and cheese(1) Empanadas. Dough (5).

Wednesday: Is our free for all day, I work 17 hours this day so I will eat my meal prep for dinner and probably have a protein shake and fruit for lunch.

Thursday: Pizza (8), we make our own dough which reduces the points and you get a lot for not too many points.

Friday: “KFC” bowl (6)

Saturday: Is my free day,  I will eat clean most of the day but then we are having a date night and will go to the Fly fishing Expo and then out to eat.

Sunday: Is my reset day and grocery day so I will find what we have left or buy something at the grocery store to make for dinner that night!

-What are some tips or meals that you love to make for your family? 

-Thanks for stopping by!

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