Gym routine update

I have been switching things up lately.  I have been finding it harder and harder to wake up at 3 am to make it to the gym before work or before Austin has to be at work.  So I started browsing around and looking for an at home workout app that was fun and got me excited to workout again.  Then one day I was playing around on instagram and one of the WW accounts that I follow @amandacypert posted about this Summer Series she was doing with Tone it Up!  Oh my gosh I haven’t been able to stop talking about it since!

They are structured in such a way that you can do a daily class that everyone who has the app and is participating in the summer series can join in on,  they have Live classes that they do throughout the week, or they have the option to pick which group of muscles you would like to target and you can do those isolated workouts.

Each workout ranges from 10-35 minutes roughly and they are so engaging that you don’t feel as if you are doing the same weight lifting workout everyday.  It has literally transformed my workouts and I am starting to feel results already.

The Cardio portion of my workouts has been anywhere from hiking/hunting in the backcountry to taking long walks outside with Hazel.  As far as weight loss goes it was my birthday and Mothers day just last week so I didn’t see as much progress as I would like and in all honesty I feel as if I have hit another plateau.  I am however feeling stronger and healthier which is always the end goal.

-Thanks for stopping by!

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