Monday Conservation: Wildfire

This Monday’s Conservation is going to be a little different in structure.  We have done quite a bit of hiking this Spring and I was astounded by how many campfires we saw that had smoke still coming off of them.  Then when we would approach the fire pit to put dirt over it and douse out the fire we were further shocked with how much work it took to cool it off.



I often see situations where people have good intentions on putting out their camp fires and leave thinking that they are in the clear.  Then someone else comes along and see’s smoke coming out of burnt up logs and ash.  According to the Smokey the Bear website it’s not enough to just douse the red/glowing embers or to cover what would seem like the hottest part of the fire.  You campfire should be so soaked or covered in dirt that it is cool to the touch and there isn’t anymore heat radiating off the fire.


Living out West our Summers can get hot and dry, providing lots of susceptible land to potentially go up in flames.  Then you add in human influence and the risk becomes even higher.  It seems there is a common trend in the frequency and severity of Wildfires.  Which puts many people’s lives at risk and destroys what is already a dwindling amount of protected wildlife.


So as a friendly reminder for this coming season remember to never leave a fire pit with hot ashes or wood.  If it’s not cool enough to touch then its not cool enough to leave.

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