WW update.

A little update on what we have been up to lately…

We had a craw-fish boil that was so fun, it was twice as fun to catch them, then to eat them and Hazel was so intrigued.

As far as WW goes I have hit a rough patch,  we currently don’t have any WiFi at our house and the internet on our phones doesn’t work at all within our house, if we go down the road a ways then they work like a charm.  So needless to say I haven’t been able to track as well as I would like at home, but I am trying to make it work.  On top of that I have been picking up a lot of hours at work so I am feeling even more crunched for time.

I am trying my best to make the most out of the days we have off, so we have been hitting up all the splash pads and playgrounds.  We are hitting our 100 degree weather now which makes playing outside tough.

I made a new fly,  I will be taking this bad boy out this weekend to see how well it works.

Also we upgraded all of our plates and mugs to this really cute set we got from Cabelas.

Lately Eva Shockey has been a great inspiration and she posted this pantry….I love it haha…

More splash pad fun.

We got a piece of Sockeye Salmon from the farmers market that we grilled up on a Himalayan salt slab and it was AMAZING!

I have also been really into botany lately.  Hazel, Austin and I have been having a blast collecting different herbs and learning what uses they have or how we can add them into our meals.


-Until next time ;)!!

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