Training: Increasing strength and endurance for the backcountry.

Every year you train and train and then finally it’s here, Elk hunting season!  This year we had a lot of excitement going into this season which lead to the first two days of hunting really hard and getting far back into the backcountry.  We saw lots of elk, and even had a couple shots off, but over estimated the distance and shot way over his back. But then we got to the point where we were completely out of gas and saw a huge heard of elk that kept going up, and up and up.  Austin and I knew at that moment that we had a lot of gaps in our training.

So like the addict that I am I looked and looked for inspiration on Instagram and spent hours looking for a outdoors/hunting inspired workout plan.  Thats when I found Train to Hunt and Her Inspired Journey.  They both have podcasts so we downloaded a whole bunch of them, binge listened to them and changed up our training routine to reflect what we want our bodies to preform and what our goals are, which are to get into some more Elk!

Here in Utah our regular Spike/cow elk season is over and it’s time for the extended archery hunt, plus next month will be the start of the Fall Turkey hunt so we can multi-task some.  The down side however is that the extended hunt region is all really steep goat country and if we were running our of gas before we are in for a real treat now.

So Austin and I went straight online to order some add on’s for our new gym.  I put a 40 pound weight in my day hiking pack and I am going back to interval training on the treadmill with weighted pack functional moves that will allow me to get used to working on tired and burnt out legs.

We have until December 15th to get into some Elk and we are will be working our butt’s off to shed some fat and gain some more endurance.

We had a blast this season though,  and it never is all about shooting an Elk but being in the backcountry.  Seeing these amazing animals that have probably never seen a human in their life, and the solidarity of being off the beaten track and relying on yourself to stay safe and make it back to camp in one piece.

I can’t weight until we get to be up in that amazing country again and see if our modifications to our training plan have paid off!


-Thanks for stopping by!

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