Training: increasing strength and endurance for the backcountry; part 2.

A continuation on our last post; What have I changed to increase strength and endurance and have I noticed any results.  I will begin by saying that we have noticed a change in weather here in Utah and even though my little girl loves to go hiking with us, we want to make sure that she doesn’t get sick and stays warm.  I also believe that if I am going to have any luck with getting my kid to like the outdoors just as much as we do I have to make sure that she is also having fun so we haven’t been out scouting as much as we would otherwise like.

We have, however, been out shooting and one of the things that we are starting to do more is getting out and shooting.  I am also making a point to wear my weighted vest or hiking pack with some weight loaded in it.  

In between repetitions I will do squats with a overhead raise, lunges and burpees with the added weight.  Also where we shoot there are large boulders that I will do step ups onto.   

So far all my little adjustments and a more functional based training regimen has increased my muscle mass and increased my Basil metabolic rate.  I have been burning calories for a longer amount of time after my workouts.  Which is helping me feel more energized and motivated to stick to my meal plan and only use my allotted points for the day.

Another gap in my training I have noticed is my skill level shooting at different angles, so every time we go out to shoot I am making an effort to shoot from a sitting or kneeling position or up on a platform to learn how to shoot from different angles.

The 40 pound vest has also helped with my core strength and stability in shooting.

Another thing I am trying to incorporate into my diet is to limit my packaged/preserved food.  I want to make a conscious effort to eat food that is natural; what I hunt or grow.  I find that when I eat this way I tend to have less gastric upset and higher energy levels.  I do however feel the urge to binge eat or have “cheat meals”, which I am currently working on finding natural treats that I can make that satisfy that craving but don’t make feel weighted down or bloated.

Another motivating factor that gets me excited to be back into the groove of working out almost every day is new athletic wear or new gym equipment.  Recently I bought a few more workout outfits, a sand bag, weighted plate, plyobox, weighted vest, Pull up assistance bands, and hip circles to increase the resistance.

And as always getting out there with my family always makes me feel motivated and ready to tackle whatever is to come the following week.  I have discovered a podcast called her inspired journey and she mentions often that you have to fill your cup up so that you can be more present in your day to day life.  Which is an amazing sentiment.

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