Thing’s that have been working and thing’s that needed to change.

I have found lately that I have been feeling a lot less organized.  Which to me, unfortunately translates to not being productive and giving myself excuses.  For example: “oh I haven’t put together a meal prep list for this weeks lunches or dinner so we will just get take out and start fresh next week. ” Then three weeks pass and I haven’t gained weight but I haven’t made any more progress either which is just as discouraging. I can’t blame it on the diet either because in all honesty it’s been a free for all around here lately.

This Clever Fox Pro Planner has seriously been a god send, I have only had it for a short time now but already I can feel myself being more productive and following through with my to-do/shopping lists.  I used to be a huge fan of the bullet journal style of planner and this is seriously that just better thought out and most of the work is done for you.  I will share a more in depth detail blog post about how I utilize my Clever Fox planner.

Another thing that has been motivating me to get up early in the morning to workout is this sweet girl here.  My older dog Honey passed away earlier last month and Inca ( dog pictured above) has been feeling a little lonely.  So I have been making it a point to take her out most days, in the morning typically but on occasion after work, and we go for a 1-3 mile run depending on what our time looks like in the morning.  I have been doing a lot of stair-master/treadmill stuff this year and running outside in the morning reminds me how much I thrive off it.  However I think my minimalist zero drop shoes are at the end of their life, I’m starting to feel some plantar faciitis pain that I believe will get better if the sole on my shoe has a little bit more cushion to it.

I have been doing more functional fitness stuff as well.  My goal here is to be able to do more dynamic explosive workouts and not feel like I can’t make it through to the end.

I have also been playing with different at home workout app’s that I hope will help me stay motivated through the winter months.  I have put my gym membership on a temporary hold to try and see if I can me more productive working out at home and be able to do it more consistently.  I feel that at the gym I often get caught up in the fact that there is so many people and will just do the same move’s/ routine that I am comfortable with and never move onto harder and more challenging workouts.  It’s been a few months now that I have been working out at home and I have been loving it.  I will also make a blog post about the items I have purchased for my home and how I have been using them.

I know I raved about the Tone It Up app which I love but I love this girl’s instagram page and thought I would give some of her workouts a go and they have been really challenging but I hope to get to that level of fitness one day.  So we will see how the next few months go with all of these changes and see if I can finally break this plateau.

-As always thanks for stopping by, I am hoping to get a better schedule with posting.  

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