Home gym staples items

In my previous post I mentioned that I put my gym pass on hold and started investing on home fitness items. So far I have loved being able to work out at home, I don’t have to use the gym shower in the morning before work, I get either more sleep or I can get more done with my workout in the morning. I work in the Nursing field, the days start really early like 4 or 6 am early so every minute I spare by either being more efficient or getting just that little bit more rest helps a ton.

Something that I have been working on lately is being able to do a pull up. I happen to be very leg dominant, I grew up playing all sorts of sports but lacrosse and soccer were my favorites, so needless to say arm strength has always been a weakness of mine. This door pull-up bar with a assistance resistance band has been fun and I have been seeing small amounts of progress over the last few months.

This treadmill I bought during Nursing school in an attempt to take little run or walking breaks during my studying or to help me stay active when I was otherwise more sedentary sitting in class all day and then working as a health unit coordinator which was primarily a sitting/desk job. I hate treadmills, when it comes to running I would rather suffer in the cold then run on this thing, I feel like I get more stress related injury’s and there is something just so unappealing about running in place. However being a new mommy and working crazy hours this bad guy has definitely kept me in shape. I will say that LISS ( low intensity steady state) training is my new favorite way to use my treadmill. That workout typically involves:

Weighted vest/backpack/ankle weights

Max incline

Lower speeds approx 2.5-3 MPH

At least 30 minutes.

This weighted plate has been a life changer I hold it while doing step ups, wall sits, sit ups, dead lifts and all sorts of other things. I have even gone as far to pad it up and through it in my backpack to do a LISS workout. As for the foam roller I have had that for years and I will be the first to admit that I neglect my muscles by not using it as much as I can. Another goal of mine is to dedicate at least one workout where 15 minutes is just foam rolling and then try to get a little in every day.

This photo has a lot of my stuff in it so I will move from the bottom of the picture to the top. The first thing you see is my yoga strap that I use for deepening stretches. I have my jump rope. My hip circles that go around your thighs and intensify any leg workout, there are three of them for three different strengths low, medium and high. I have my sliders, which I hardly use mostly because I’m not sure what all I can do with them I know two moves and they are painful. Ankle weights, I love these guys I have had them for 10 or so years, I wear them to work, I add them to any workout and it increases the intensity without making it impossible to do. Lastly my dumbbell weights I have a 5 pound and a 10 pound set and am planning on purchasing more soon.

This pack is and amazing day hiking pack but since recently I have been toting around my daughter or a hearty hunting pack it’s been moved to our basement and packed with weights. Also in this photo are my 10 lb dumbbells I mentioned earlier and my yoga blocks.

This 40 lb running vest is quickly becoming my most favorite item, I put it on for my LISS workouts, for burpees, squats, step ups, shooing my bow, lunches and everything else. This thing is like my little ankle weights where they increase the intensity but by 100% with this bad boy I sweat instantly just to balance and keep my self upright is a workout. My goal is to be able to workout and “hike” with 60 pounds on my back.

This Plyo box is amazing, it isn’t a perfect square, it is designed to have three different heights 12 in, 14 in and 16 in. It’s on the smaller side of the plyo box range but I am working myself up to higher jumps. My only negative is that I wish it was really heavy duty and wouldn’t slide around, there are some options that allow for more stability which is what I will buy next. Also in the picture is just a little corner of my yoga mat, this mat is amazing I have had it for 6 years and I think it’s time to look into a new one.

The last thing I have is this stability ball, I bought it initially to induce labor, which didn’t work but was a good distraction, now I use it for core work and to be honest mainly to distract my daughter when I’m trying to get a workout in!

My little gym still needs a lot of work and some organization but little bits of progress at a time and the amount of money I am saving with my gym pass on hold helps me pay for something to add to my gym.

-that’s all for today, thank you for stopping by!

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