Training: increasing strength and endurance for the backcountry; part 2.

A continuation on our last post; What have I changed to increase strength and endurance and have I noticed any results.  I will begin by saying that we have noticed a change in weather here in Utah and even though my little girl loves to go hiking with us, we want to make sure that … Continue reading Training: increasing strength and endurance for the backcountry; part 2.


Training: Increasing strength and endurance for the backcountry.

Every year you train and train and then finally it's here, Elk hunting season!  This year we had a lot of excitement going into this season which lead to the first two days of hunting really hard and getting far back into the backcountry.  We saw lots of elk, and even had a couple shots … Continue reading Training: Increasing strength and endurance for the backcountry.

WW update.

A little update on what we have been up to lately... We had a craw-fish boil that was so fun, it was twice as fun to catch them, then to eat them and Hazel was so intrigued. As far as WW goes I have hit a rough patch,  we currently don't have any WiFi at … Continue reading WW update.

Monday Conservation: Wildfire

This Monday's Conservation is going to be a little different in structure.  We have done quite a bit of hiking this Spring and I was astounded by how many campfires we saw that had smoke still coming off of them.  Then when we would approach the fire pit to put dirt over it and douse … Continue reading Monday Conservation: Wildfire

Monday Conservation: Fair Chase

What do they mean by Fair Chase?: Where ever you go in the hunting or fishing community you will always run into people who love to tell you about they feel should or shouldn't be done when it comes to catch and release or catch and kill.  For example an argument that I often run into … Continue reading Monday Conservation: Fair Chase

Monday Conservation

Utah Sage Grouse Population: For the past 15 years Utah has been working to increase the Sage Grouse population.  Years ago the Utah Sage Grouse was listed on the ESL (Endangered species list), due to road developments, Wildfires and the extraction of natural resources coupled with the delicate habitat that is needed for the Sage … Continue reading Monday Conservation