Wasatch Wildflower festival 2018

Yesterday Austin, Hazel and I set out to have an adventure.  Like most of our adventures we never quite know where the day will take us, and that is half the excitement!  So as we are eating breakfast and expressing how tired we are we land on the Living Planet Aquarium.  With Hazel only being 9 months old this is a not too taxing indoor activity we can do on hot summer days.  We hit all the good spots; the shark tunnel, the jellyfish room and the penguins and just before we leave we walk through the Utah Dessert exhibit.  It isn’t until then that Austin and I realize we need to make time for the fresh mountain air,  it is where we are our most energetic, our most soulful and our most happiest selves.  We wrap up and head to the truck and instantly decide that despite how tired we are and how warm it is outside we are going to go to the Wasatch Wildflower Festival at Snow bird resort up Little Cottonwood Canyon.


After a 1 mile hike amongst the wildflowers with our guide expertly telling us how to identify the beautiful desert wildflowers and some of the history of the Cottonwood canyons that are a staple to any native Utahns, and known nation wide for the ski resorts. We discovered a new family tradition.  One that educates, and brings to reality some of the issues that until you see first hand you don’t comprehend what is really happening and what the impact means.

Wasatch Wildflower Festival 2018 Guide book

With that said, to all the Mommy’s and Daddy’s out there.  Even if something seems daunting and you feel like you are barely dragging yourself along.  Push through and do those things you love.  Whether it be the outdoors that drive you or building things or visiting with the people you love.  You never know what enlightening things you will find or learn and just like that you feel invigorated and inspired again!

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Hello!  My name is Brooke and I am a Registered Nurse who has many passions my fist and most loved passion is being a mommy to my little girl Hazel.  I also love being outdoors; hiking, fishing, rock climbing, kayaking, snorkeling, and gardening(HaHa pretty much all of it).  Besides all that I love to write.  Prior to nursing school I had a blog that focused on my weight loss journey and my passion for running and being outside.  With Nursing school and then right after having a baby I haven’t been able to write much and the blog eventually went away,  I am excited to have this as my replacement!  I loved the connections I made with people and having a space where I could write and share it with people.  One day I would love to write a book, and I find that keeping up practice with writing and having this as a creative outlet will help me to eventually reach that goal.

Anyways,  if you are reading this leave a comment!  Any and all feedback is welcome!


Austin and I
Austin and I